Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings


Sometimes life can give you unexpected obstacles. It is the way in which you handle them that makes you the person who you are. Like today, for example. I have been sulking around all day because of the move. I don’t think that I am ready to go. Or maybe it’s the fact that I am that bothers me. I discovered that I like to blame things on others to make myself feel better. Like mother like daughter. Acting like a jerk around my parents is not helping me in anyway, but they are the only ones I can blame. Two more years is all I need, just two more. Then I can finish high school and get into a good school without having any problems. Keeping my friends with me would be amazing, but it is not a possibility, so I will have to use my people skills to make brand new ones. This may not be an ideal situation for me, but I like to think that I am coping with it well enough. I haven’t cried since the day I found out, which is nice, but also predictable. I miss India. A lot. And the people there too. Especially him. I have not talked to him since the day we came back. Maybe some things are better left unsaid. Meaning I should probably forget about the whole “let’s hold hands and then completely forget about it” situation. Once again, it’s the way in which you handle the obstacles of life that makes you who you are.

Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings

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