Leaping Into 16


Yesterday was my 16th birthday, but I’m a leapling, so it was also my 4th time ever to have a true birthday. It was okay, no big deal, really. I had a lot of homework to do and didn’t finish until ten. Also, my friends were bitches and sat on the other side of the table instead of next to me. That’s probably because I had Cheesy-puff next to me when I put my stuff down. During lax practice, CC asked me to try the draw a few times, which was good but bad at the same time. It was good because it is a very big deal to play center and it is usually one of the best players that does it. The bad part is that I don’t really want to play center. I like A-wing or low-A better. Anyway, I have some other news. I told my BFFSF (best friend ever since forever) about the move because she lives in London but might be moving back and going to the same school as me! I am very excited. I thought that I was going to be alone, and i thought that I would have to start from scratch for the second time in my life, although you could argue that it is for the third time. txt to the first half of my first year here. I definitely don’t remember it like it was yesterday, in fact it’s a little blurry. At least I remember that I DID NOT enjoy it AT ALL. But that is a story for a different time;)

Leaping Into 16

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