Will Power and Fall Semester


I am supposed to be doing homework, but I don’t have a lot and it’s all due on Friday, so… Oh well. I have to do some poetry stuff. The poetry section of class is the worst part of the whole year. Right now I’m listening to Something Rotten! and I love it so much. I wish I could go to broadway and see it. I love Christian Borle too. He is AWESOME. And, being a drama geek, I like Shakespeare and love reading his works. I am making myself sound like the biggest nerd ever. Wow. Ok. so… Today I found out that everyone in the school is going to have lower GPAs because of QuadripleD’s new rule about only 3 APs per semester. The parents and QD (QuadripleD) are having a meeting about it tomorrow and I wish that I could somehow feel bad about the change, but since I won’t be back next year, I only have to worry about whether they will even have APs in ASM. I really hope they are at the same level as SMCA, because that is just what I need rn. Today I had to pretend like I wasn’t leaving to my friends. They asked me what classes I was taking next year, and I told them what everyone expects of me: AP Physics, Advanced Chemistry, AP English III, AP US History, Honors French III, Honors Pre-cal, and theology III. That is what I would have liked to take next year, but it wasn’t possible. My dad told me that I can’t tell ANYONE about the move because people in the office could start freaking out if they knew we were going. You see, my dad is the president of a brach of a big company, so he is imperative at work. I can’t tell my Spanish friends here about the move because their parents work with my dad. Not even PG. I really need to tell her. I don’t think anyone can understand. The only ones that know at school are my English and Math teachers along with my advisor, just because they had to fill up rec letters, which btw were exceptional. When life gives you eggs make an omelette! See ya!

Will Power and Fall Semester

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