Darling You


Yo yo, what up? It’s been at least seven months since my last post. Let me summarize everything that happened, or at least the things that start coming to my mind about these past months. Let’s start with Madison Leyens. Right now you’re thinking wtf why would she include that unimportant date, and how does she think of it before Nice or ASM? Look, I really thought i had her all figured out, Madison. i was wrong. I feel like i don’t understand her at all. Or her bitch-asshole-pieceofshit friends. Especially Henry and Becks. i can’t believe people would do something so bitchy to someone they have been good friends with for the past two years! Or at least ACTING like they are friends @drama. btw I started following Becks on FB the other day, and it looks like she remembered me from the birthday party, because she accepted. Oh God, that party… Henry…Jordan…Daniel-felt like I needed to include him for some reason-…Nibs-although i had no feelings for him I miss him the most-…Fer…Carlos…the-guy-who-almost-cheated-on-his-girl-with-me-bc-I-was-drunk…Javi-Baens- solo un amigo, pero porq no incluirle-…Antimony- Sb is antimony on the periodic table, if you know what I mean-…And that’s all I got to say about it…FOR NOW. Oh lol i just remembered about the name we gave to the drug dealer at ASM, Maria. His real name is Allan. I’ve never talked to him, really, but i like his friends, they’re nice and chill-obviously chill 😉 This summer I went to Nice, France to learn some French. I went with Marta Noguera, Paula Arbues, Marina Resines, y la famosa PG. Me lo pase muy bien, pero al principio no tanto, porq PG estaba  haciendo lo de siempre con Marta y a mi y a marina nos la sudaba. Paula is very cool, she’s almost like a younger girl who likes to play and knows no difference between a girl and a boy lol. We played soccer and we bonded and I’m really glad I met her and we became friends. Also, after the attack Thursday night of the 14th of July of 2016, which I’ll go into more detail about in a sec, she is the only one who did not leave to Spain. That is what i look for in life-long friends, my friends. Anyway…Yes, I did. I survived a terrorist attack. Did I see people get run over by a truck or be shot? Did I see the dead lying on the ground, the stains coring the road dark, dark red? No the answer, unfortunately, is no. Now you are asking yourself Why the fuck I said ‘unfortunately’. That’s the thing. I learned something about myself from this experience. I am not shaken by terrible things such as these, and neither was Paula, who did indeed see all the bodies scattered about the Promenade des Angles. This is a huge post, I better save all the info about life in Spain for the next blog post… Estoy playing with Wilma right now, my mom bought her a stuffed dog identical to the one she beheaded through the neck all those years ago. Life is tough. It is not fair, and I’m talking to all y’all IB candidates out there. Peace out

Darling You

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