Jelly Bean


I remember back in middle school I had religion class with Mrs. Frazer. We would sometimes have “story time”, which was usually about her 2 year old grandson, Ben. I had a kid in my class called Humberto Torres. He was a Mexican kid from Monterrey. At the end of the year party in 8th grade, he invited Paula and I to go party with him some time down in Monterrey. I was only 13 years old at the time. His parents called him a miracle. They had been trying for quite some time to have a child before he was born by the grace of the Lady of Schoenstatt. Since then, they have prayed to her constantly, thanking her for the gift of life they had been granted by her. During our 6th and 7th grade religion class, because he left 8th grade, Humberto would scream and bang on his deck like a crazy child every time Mrs. Frazer started a story. So, today I decided to do something different. Today I’m going to write a story in his honor, because that is what I feel deep down I must do:

Once upon a time, there was a kid called Jelly Bean. Well, he was called Jelly Bean by his mates, but his true name was actually unknown. Every morning he would wake up, head up, and smell the salty breeze. Although he had traveled farther than anyone at his age, his world seemed quite limited to him, with no room to swing a cat. Not that he could find many cats were he lived. There was however a parrot. He was called Cranky. Cranky liked to eat, especially biscuits. Jelly Bean always kept some in his trunk, just in case of an emergency. You see, Cranky was not a mundane parrot. He had magical powers that let him speak the language of any creature known to the world. Although he could potentially help Jelly Bean escape, Cranky’s powers were off-limits. The old guy was holding a bottle of rum half-finished, with his legs hanging off the prow. Captain Aspen, and Cranky’s master. Also Jelly Beans adoptive father. Actually the whole crew’s adoptive father. You might have guessed where Jelly Bean lived. Over the years at sea, he had started to understand something about his life. It was not normal. His ‘father’ had never aged, and some of the older crew members who were about the captain’s age, if not older, still called him father. This led Jelly Bean to believe that his father had a magical ability as well. Jelly Bean believed his father to be immortal. 

The story will continue…

Jelly Bean

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